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Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Time

Things have been going great since Tatum's arrival.  We are going a little stir-crazy in this house.  It has been too cold to get out and Tatum is too young.  We have really only been to the Dr's office and the BX a couple of times.  Hopefully warm weather is on it's way, so we can get out.
Linkoln has been great with Tatum.  He is such a proud big brother.  A couple weeks after we came home, Link went through a little rebellious phase.  Could be related to Tatum being here or could just be because he's 3!!!  Thank goodness it was just a phase.  He still has moments, but not like that little phase.  Linkoln is very loving with Tatum.  He is always giving him kisses and he loves to show him off to people.
Tatum is geting big.  He loves to eat all the time.  At least every 1-3hrs.  He is also a very noisy baby.  He doesn't cry much, but he grunts and makes noises all the time.  He is a restless sleeper, grunting the whole time.  Hopefully, that will get better.  I am exhausted!!  He is such a cutie.  We love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow!!  Thank God for these two amazing boys.


Me and my boys!  Link wanted to hold Tatum

Link is always giving Tatum kisses.  He is so
loving to all of us

Link and his boom-boom gloves.  He is all boy!!

This is his Wii race car.  He loves it.  He even
pretends he's starting it with pretend keys.  Funny!

One of his favorite hiding spots.  He hides from Daddy
every time he comes home from work.  He thinks if he
can't see you, then you can't see him either.  LOL

He is so stinkin' cute!

Lying in his bed, listening to the music

My sweet boys!  Man, I love them!

My Sweet T

Taking a little walk here in Germany.  Tatum's first walk.
Link does a great job of riding his bike and staying out
of the road.  He tells us to stay on the red bricks
(they're on the side)

Getting some tummy time in.  Gotta get stronger
so he will be ready to play with big bro'

Link playing with Tatum.  Tatum just stares at him in amazement

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