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Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Time

Things have been going great since Tatum's arrival.  We are going a little stir-crazy in this house.  It has been too cold to get out and Tatum is too young.  We have really only been to the Dr's office and the BX a couple of times.  Hopefully warm weather is on it's way, so we can get out.
Linkoln has been great with Tatum.  He is such a proud big brother.  A couple weeks after we came home, Link went through a little rebellious phase.  Could be related to Tatum being here or could just be because he's 3!!!  Thank goodness it was just a phase.  He still has moments, but not like that little phase.  Linkoln is very loving with Tatum.  He is always giving him kisses and he loves to show him off to people.
Tatum is geting big.  He loves to eat all the time.  At least every 1-3hrs.  He is also a very noisy baby.  He doesn't cry much, but he grunts and makes noises all the time.  He is a restless sleeper, grunting the whole time.  Hopefully, that will get better.  I am exhausted!!  He is such a cutie.  We love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow!!  Thank God for these two amazing boys.


Me and my boys!  Link wanted to hold Tatum

Link is always giving Tatum kisses.  He is so
loving to all of us

Link and his boom-boom gloves.  He is all boy!!

This is his Wii race car.  He loves it.  He even
pretends he's starting it with pretend keys.  Funny!

One of his favorite hiding spots.  He hides from Daddy
every time he comes home from work.  He thinks if he
can't see you, then you can't see him either.  LOL

He is so stinkin' cute!

Lying in his bed, listening to the music

My sweet boys!  Man, I love them!

My Sweet T

Taking a little walk here in Germany.  Tatum's first walk.
Link does a great job of riding his bike and staying out
of the road.  He tells us to stay on the red bricks
(they're on the side)

Getting some tummy time in.  Gotta get stronger
so he will be ready to play with big bro'

Link playing with Tatum.  Tatum just stares at him in amazement

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Link's first "Soccerball" Practice

Linkoln had his first day of soccer on March 16, 2011.  He will go every Wednesday from 2-2:45.  It is for 3-4 year olds.  For his age group, they won't have games, they will only have practice, which is much like a camp or clinic.  The week before practice we went shopping to look for soccer cleats, socks, and shin guards.  He was so excited when we found everything he needed.  That was a challenge here in Gemany.
When we arrived for the first day of practice, we saw that Linkoln's friend Brady is in his group.  They are buddies so they were happy to play together.  Linkoln was a little shy at first, but quickly got excited.  His coach was very nice and made the kids feel comfortable.  They did drills to learn how to go and stop the ball, dribble the ball, kick the ball, and jump over poles.  Linkoln had a blast.  It was so cute, all the kids were cheering for each other.

Link, his friend Brady, and Coach Mike

Learning to stop and go with the ball

Stopping the ball.  He got that down.

Jumping drills

Cheering for each other

Giving Coach Mike 'five'

Taking a break.  Love this pic!!!

Going for the Goal!!!

Made it!!!

So happy

Love that smile.  He is so happy!!

We will keep you updated on Link's soccer skills!!!  Future pro!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome Baby Tatum

Tatum Kruz Perez arrived on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 1742.  He weighed a whopping 8lbs 13ozs and was 21.7in long.  He immediately had my heart!!!
My water actually broke around 0730 that morning.  I called the L&D unit and they said to go ahead and come in to be checked out.  I wasn't having contractions, just the same Braxton Hicks-type contractions I had been having for months.  We calmly got ready, got Linkoln ready, and kissed him off to stay with Melissa and Adyson.  We headed to the hospital.  I drove because I get car sick very easily.  Good thing contractions didn't start in the car.  Tony and I arrived at the hospital around 0930.  They did a couple test and confirmed that indeed, my water was broken.  I was there for the long haul.  They started an IV and hooked me up to all the monitors.  I was having contractions, not consistent, every 4-8min.  They decided to start me on Pitocin, but a very low dose.  Still no pain.  Contractions started coming every 1-2min, so they had to turn the Pitocin down to the lowest dose.  After a couple of hours, the pain began.  And when I say it began, I mean it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I quickly requested an epidural.  The CRNA came right away.  By the way, I got excellent service because I was the only prego there.  After he was done, I was still having pain on the right side.  He said to give it a while to work.  Well, after a while, I was still having A LOT of pain on the right side.  He cam and gave me an extra dose in the epidural.  Yay, finally pain-free!!  So, then the MD checked me, and said I was dilated 10cm and baby's head was "Right there!"  We did a practice push, and she quickly said don't push again!!  She ran to the hall to get all the nurses and assistants.  I was nervous at this point.  Time to meet my baby.  I pushed for only another 10min and there he was.  He was beautiful!!!  He cried right away and then stopped.  So they had to take him to the warmer and give him a little oxygen.  He was grunting and had a little retractions.  They called the neonatal NP in to check him out.  By the time she got there, he was better, breathing just fine.  He was just very large for his gestational age.  Everyone in the room was shocked when they weighed him.  He was considered high-risk because of his weight.  His blood sugars had to be checked before every feeding until there were two consecutive results over 50.  We also had to stay for 48hrs since he was high-risk.  It took a while, but his blood sugars finally regulated and he was good-to-go.  He is such a sweet baby.  Doesn't cry much, just grunts and poots a lot.  LOL.  We love him dearly!!!

Our big boy!!

He is so precious

Relaxing.  He had a busy day!!

Proud Papa

Link's first time meeting Tatum.  He was so excited.
I asked who's that, and he said "Brother Tatum."

Our little family.  I love you guys SO MUCH!!

Link brought us cupcakes, with the help of Melissa.
The nurses were so happy

He is just so precious!!

Link came to visit us on Day2.  He immediately went to
see Tatum.  But, then he just wanted to watch cartoons.

All dressed and ready to go home.  Finally!!!

We are so blessed to have two beautiful boys that we love dearly.  Thank God for them!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

(I have been doing a bad job of posting on our blog.  From now on, I am going to try to post at least once a week.  We'll see.)

Christmas was a great time.  Although, we missed our family and friends in the states dearly.  I was off work all week and Tony even got off for snow days.  The three of us just hung out around the house, since our ski trip to Garmish was cancelled because of the dangerous road conditions.  On Christmas eve, I attempted to cook for us and friends.  I tried Nana's lasagna.  It definitely wasn't as good as hers, but it was all gone after everyone dug in.  Christmas day, we slept in and then it took Link a few hours to open all of his presents.  He wanted to play instead.  We watched a cute reindeer cartoon and then headed over to the Lau's house for Christmas dinner.  Link had fun playing with the kids and it was nice to be around friends. It was a great day.  I love my family!!!!

Christmas Eve.  Link playing tea party with Adyson and Justise.

We were writing Link's letter to Santa.  It was so cute,
he was telling exactly what to say.  I wrote it word for word.
Will cherish that forever.

Christmas morning.  When Link first woke up, I asked him if
he was ready to see what Santa brought him, and he said
"I just wanna say, Oh my goodness."  It was hilarious.

He had so many presents to open.  He got really bored and
I had to open the last few for him.

He loves all of his Iron man toys.

Look at all the snow outside.  Talk about a white Christmas!

He had a blast with his toy guns.  He and Daddy played all day.

He was so proud of his new jersey.  If it is anything basketball
related, he will love it.

Little boxer.  He calls them "boom boom glubs" He is so handsome!!

Such a loving little boy.  He always tells Momma and Daddy
"Love you".  I love that little boy so much.  Sweetest man I know.

I was next.  He gave me the biggest hug and kiss.  LOVE IT!!!!!

This was at the Lau's house.  Link was a little mad because
he had to put down the pink buggy to take a pic.  Still a sweet pic.

Awwww.  My wonderful man and me.  (And Tatum)
I am 32 weeks pregnant, but I look huge.  Actually,
I am huge!!!!  I am almost the same size I was right before
I delivered Link.  I have already gained close to 30lbs!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Boy

Linkoln, you are a hilarious little guy.  You are always saying the funniest things.  A few weeks ago I asked you to grab the phone for me.  You replied in a very calm voice, "You can get it, you a big girl."  I was laughing so hard.  You are very smart and pay attention to everything, just like your Momma.  Some would call it nosey, but I call it inquisitive.  You love race cars and airplanes and rocket ships.  ALL BOY!  You also like to do everything Momma and Daddy do, except eat!  You still aren't the best eater.  But, you do LOVE pancakes and sausage.  You ask for that every meal.  Lately, you have been seeing me put lotion on my belly frequently, so you have to do it every time as well.  You are also doing great at potty training.  You are peepee potty trained, except for an accident every one in a while.  But, you still won't even attempt to go poopoo on the potty.  You'll get it though.

Here's Link in his big boy underwear, putting lotion on is tummy like Momma


In this pic, I am 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  It looks like I swallowed a basketball.  I am so big.  Little Tatum is moving like crazy.  He was kicking Tony the other day.  Hilarious.  Tony was laying in my lap, talking to him.  Every time he said something, Tatum would kick really hard.  I have been trying to eat better because I know I should and I also thought I was getting stretch marks!!  I'm growing so fast this time around.  I have already gained about 25lbs and I still have 2 1/2 months to go.  I better slow down.  Linkoln is finally understanding that he his going to have a baby brother, not a baby sisser! LOL.  He even calls him brother Tatum.  He is going to be a great big brother.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growing Baby Brother

I am 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant now.  Time is flying!!  We can't wait to welcome this little miracle into our lives and home.  I'm sure it will be a roller-coaster.  But, none the less exciting.  We are still trying to help Link understand that he will have a baby brother soon (not a baby "sisser", LOL).  I think the baby already responds to Link.  When Link is close to me and talking or laughing, I can feel the baby turning flips in my belly!!!  We had an ultrasound done about two weeks ago and it is confirmed that he is for sure a little boy.  YAY!!!  I'm so excited.  I love having a son, and I'm sure it will be the same kind of bond with my new little guy too.  We have decided to name him Tatum.  Not sure about the middle name yet.  Maybe Tony or Link will decide on that.  Well, here are a few pics to show off our Little Guy!!  Enjoy.

Sweet little profile with a foot there in the background

Front of face.  That chin looks just like
Link's did on his ultrasound pics.
Look at that eye!!

Sweet baby!!!! Little hand.

Perfect little head

Look at those feet

He is for sure a boy!!!!!!